Family Yoga at Big Fish Little Fish

Family Yoga at Big Fish Little Fish Last year, I saw an advert promoting a new event in Exeter called Big Fish Little Fish to be held at Exeter Phoenix. Big Fish Little Fish are a music and events crew that put on family raves with all the freedom and excitement of a mini-festival, right in the heart of cities and towns. “London’s latest clubbing craze” – The Guardian. Big Fish Little Fish is taking the Country by storm. I thought that Yoga would be a perfect complement to this type of event and emailed the South West Manager Neil Briggs. Neil agreed that Yoga would be a great addition and booked Yoga for Children to run the Voodoo Room at Exeter Phoenix on 23 January 2016. I decided to run three family yoga workshops through-out the afternoon as the events are aimed at families with children under aged 8. I run a number of family yoga classes and parent and toddler classes so I thought this would be the best format. I set the room for about 12 families to join in. BFLF can attract large numbers of people to their events. I scheduled three classes for the afternoon and put up a notice on the door and on my pop up banner with the times.  Ruby getting in a bit of yoga practice before the event starts I went downstairs with Ruby (my helpful assistant) to see what was going on. There was a pop up shop, crafts, … Continue reading Family Yoga at Big Fish Little Fish