Their First Yoga Class

Are You Taking Your child To Their First Yoga Class?

  • Please try to arrive five minutes before the class start time.
  • Make sure your child is wearing clothes that are loose and comfortable fitting clothes preferably cotton. Leggings, t-shirts, tracksuit pants, sweatshirts etc are all fine. Layers are good are in case they start to get warm. A jumper or cardigan is great to put on for relaxation at the end.
  • Bring along some water and a snack for the end of class as they may be hungry once they have finished.
  • Remember to turn your mobile phones off or switch to silent settings if you are watching or joining in
  • Lessons will incorporate a warm up followed by yoga postures and will end with breathing, relaxation and meditation.
  • Yoga is a progressive non-competitive practice. Each child will develop at their own pace and level during each class.
  • Don’t worry if your child can’t quite do the postures to start. We don’t tend to correct children just give lots of positive encouragement. They will get there in their own time
  • Don’t worry if you child just wants to watch to begin with or is a bit shy. They will be taking it all in and learning. Again, we let children develop at their own pace and when they are ready they will start to join in.
  • If you are coming to parents and tots yoga, don’t worry if your little one walks away or gets distracted at times. Again, they will join back in when they are ready. We don’t correct little ones in the postures. They will get there is their own time with the postures. They will be watching, listening and learning and taking it all in
  • Payments should be made at the start of class if you are paying weekly or in advance if you are paying monthly. Standing orders can be set up, please ask for more information if you are interested.
  • Please let us know if you are not going to be able to make it as we may be able to offer your space to someone else that week. Ideally 48 hours’ notice before class would be great.

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