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Yoga can help children in so many ways. Not all children are sporty and often schools encourage children to take part in sports. This can actually affect the confidence of children who do not naturally fit into this mould.

One of the really positive benefits of yoga for children is that it is so progressive and non-competitive. Children can really grow and flourish in with yoga practice, learning new skills as their own pace, gradually becoming more flexible, being able to get into postures that they once were not able to and feel more confident about themselves and their abilities.

I truly believe that yoga is suitable for everyone and everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga after only one lesson.

I have noticed that children are becoming less active, they watch a lot of TV, sit down and play on consules, spend a lot of time texting and using iPad’s or iPods. These electronic devices stop children from thinking, learning, playing and being creative. They also fill children’s minds with information that they do not need. We have information overload in today’s society. Yoga and meditation will help draw the children away from this culture and help them see that there is much more to life and will help them clear their minds of all this stimulation.

Children are also subjected to so many pressures today. In an increasingly competitive environment where there is so much pressure to look at certain way, to attain certain achievements, exam pressures and SATS being taken at such a young age, children may not have time to be children and have so many pressures can eventually lead to children suffering from stress and becoming drained and tired. Just as we take time out to do yoga to relax, calm the body and mind it is important for our children to do the same.

In addition to all of the above benefits, there are of course, the physical benefits of yoga. Children will become more flexible from yoga, become stronger, more coordinated and will become fitter and healthier. Yoga can help improve concentration which will also help in the classroom when children are learning and can also help with sleep. Yoga also helps people become more aware of their bodies and how they are feeling about themselves so it is a useful tool to enable children to develop self-awareness.

Children will also start to learn about a healthier lifestyle which is unfortunately not taught enough to children. They will start to appreciate the health benefits of yoga this will also help them make better choices as they go through life.

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